You’ve already seen them. Everywhere. They are the players behind your favorite charting artist. They are the band keeping the dance floor full at your best friend’s wedding. They are the entertainers at your company’s corporate event. The It City is the collective backbone of the Nashville music scene. Bandmates DJ Phillips, Derrek Phillips, Rich Brinsfield and Reed Pittman are the hustling full-time musicians of Music City, working tirelessly as the professional talent, so that they can then break away, come together, and make some exceptional music. Combining the layers of pop, funk, rock and soul, they are a unified supergroup, brought together by their belief that music is an experience to be shared, not only with the audience but with the talent standing beside them.

     For The It City, the music has always been about being a part of something greater. The players’ lives orbited each other for years, from college classes to downtown performances, before actually meeting. It wasn’t until DJ found himself back in Nashville after a four year hiatus taking up a full-time position as a music director for a corporate events band that he finally discovered Rich, Reed and Derrek. Finding these class-act musicians forced him to consider what musical path he had taken and why he was still craving something more. From his career as a solo artist to his job as a music director, his life literally revolved around music, but, somehow, it wasn’t enough. Surrounded by these exceptional artists, he came to the realization that what he loved about making music in the first place was the ability to create it alongside other artists with just as much passion as him. Turns out, they felt exactly the same way.

     The smooth style and slick riffs of The It City blur the lines of genre, from soulful harmonies and blistering brass to the powerhouse energy of pop, taking inspiration from musical legends like Prince and Stevie Wonder. With the support of his bandmates (and the occasional full ensemble), DJ leads The It City with an enigmatic flair, both daring and determined to put on a performance that can live beyond the extent of a single moment. With the confidence of seasoned professionals and the playful charm of cherished friends, this group takes their limited opportunities to perform alongside each other as their chance to push all other distractions and commitments aside, and simply share music they love, created by the most sought-after talent in Music City.

     Despite the constant demands of their professional lives as the support system for the hectic Nashville music scene, they always manage to come back together to create art that inspires them, fuels them, and allows them to put their own accomplishments at the forefront. With passion, tenacity, and a palpable electricity in every performance, The It City delivers a phenomenal musical experience, captivating their audiences and leaving them wanting more. Don’t squander the chance to catch these rockers live, as these performances are a rarity, few and far between… for now.




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